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Did you encounter an issue while going through the steps of last week's spring AC preparation how-to? Our experts are here to help!

Why Is My Home's AC Not Running?

Posted: April 11, 2022 by Andy

Did you encounter an issue while going through the steps of last week's spring AC preparation how-to? The experts here at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling are back with a troubleshooting checklist to help you diagnose the problem. The more info you provide when you call for service, the better and quicker we'll be able to make your home comfortable again!

Is the central air conditioning system in your Akron, Ohio home not turning on when you need it most? With the high temperatures of summer approaching, you don't want to wait until you need emergency air conditioning repair to call for help. You want to know what's causing the issue and who to call to fix it. Our professional HVAC technicians have the expertise, experience, and equipment to diagnose your AC system's problems and help you get things working again. Here are the most common reasons your air conditioner won't turn on.

The circuit breaker is tripped. This is probably the most common cause, and it's quickly taken care of at home. It's a safety feature that will prevent your HVAC system from operating as a precaution. Have a look inside your breaker box. If the AC breaker is tripped, flip it back on and wait for the AC to turn on. If the breaker trips again, call us - there's probably another problem with your system that requires professional attention.

The AC disconnect switch is turned off. If your AC doesn't turn on, check your outside AC condenser's disconnect switch box. It's located on the outside wall of your home, near the unit. Simply flip the switch into the "on" position to ensure power is sent to your system. If the switch or its enclosure are damaged, don't touch it. Instead, have us come check it out to be safe.

There's a thermostat issue. Take a moment to check your thermostat. It sets your indoor temperature, but it also tells the AC unit when to turn on and blow cold air. Ensure the screen is lit, it's set to Cool, and the target temperature is correct. If there's no display, check the batteries and replace them with brand-name ones if needed - not all thermostats work with off-brand batteries.

The unit has blown a fuse. If your AC is still silent after the first two checks, there may be a blown fuse inside the unit. Fuses are designed to protect your AC from a surge but will wear out over time. Don't take chances with this electrical problem. If you suspect a problem with fuses, it's best to contact our local HVAC professional team. We'll take a look and safely assess the situation.

You have a refrigerant leak. A low refrigerant charge may prevent your AC system from operating effectively or at all. This is a common issue after a new installation, or there's a leak. If you see a leak or hear a hissing noise, immediately turn the power off to the system and call us. Do not attempt to add more refrigerant yourself. Leak resolution and refrigerant recharge are best handled by our professional team. We'll determine the cause of the issue and restore your refrigerant level to the manufacturer's specifications, so your unit runs at peak performance.

The system's air filter is dirty. When was the last time you changed the air filter? If you can't remember, it's well past time to replace it. No matter what brand of AC unit you have, a clean air filter is essential. When your system tries to run with a dirty air filter, the airflow is restricted, which can cause all sorts of problems. You can clean or replace the filter yourself or have one of our neighborly HVAC technicians do the work for you. We'll ensure you have the right filter for your home!

A capacitor has failed. Does your AC unit operate intermittently - or worse, not turn on at all? All AC systems are equipped with two capacitors: a start capacitor which prompts the motor to start running, and a run capacitor which allows the motor to continue running until the target temperature inside your home has been reached. Excessive heat or a power outage can cause a capacitor to fail. Capacitors can hold a potentially fatal electrical charge, so never try to replace a capacitor yourself. Instead, please stay safe and call us out to do it.

The condensation line is clogged. Your central AC system is not only responsible for the cooling of your home but also for removing humidity from your indoor air. This moisture from the humidity has to go somewhere, but it can't drain away if the drain line is clogged - and the clog may prevent your AC unit from turning on. Regular cleaning will prevent this problem, and cleaning the line can be messy, so you might call us instead to get rid of all the backed-up gunk. We have the tools to clean the line properly, and you won't have to get your hands dirty.

The evaporator coil is dirty or frozen. A dirty coil keeps an area of frigid air inside before it reaches the ductwork, freezing the AC's internal components. Safeguards inside your unit detect this and will shut the system down to prevent damage. If you see ice buildup, power off the system and let the ice melt on its own. While you're waiting, double-check the filter. Then, turn the system back on. If it freezes again, there may be an air flow or refrigerant issue.

The condenser is dirty. Your AC system's outdoor condenser unit is exposed to dirt and debris that builds up over time. If it isn't cleaned regularly, the effectiveness of the entire air conditioning system decreases or stops working altogether. If your condenser is filthy, call our experts out to chemically clean it. You can also schedule annual cleaning tune-ups to ensure your unit continues to run at optimal performance.

The drain pan is gunked up. Along with the drain line, the drain pan funnels all the accumulated crud away from the AC unit. The pan is meant to keep the drain pipe from clogging, and when there's standing water in the pan, you should examine the unit for a clog. If you think your air conditioning isn't turning on due to a full drain pan, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. Our professional team will ensure your AC unit drains effectively.

Your home has an improperly-sized AC system. An incorrectly-sized unit will likely break down sooner than later. An undersized model will work overtime to cool your home, while one that's too large will turn on and off too quickly and won't dehumidify your home. The only solution is to replace it with a properly-sized system. The initial cost can be high, but the replacement will save you money in the long term. Instead of paying for multiple short-term fixes on a unit that drains your budget and patience, you'll enjoy a new, correct AC unit to your home that will last.

There's an issue with the motor. If you're experiencing poor airflow or hearing strange clinking or humming noises from the outside unit, don't hesitate to call our professionals out for a visit. A loose motor can cause damage to the inside of the condenser. Likewise, if you suspect the compressor motor is failing, talk to our friendly Comfort Consultants about how best to proceed. Please don't wait until your unit fails outright to let us help you.

The system has a wiring issue. Wires in your outdoor condenser unit are susceptible to wear, fraying and corrosion. They're exposed to the elements and can fail over time. While wiring can be replaced, you may not notice the wear, and damaged wires fail to deliver electricity properly. Broken wires can also cause more severe problems. If you see worn or damaged wiring, turn off the power to your system and contact us straight away to keep you and your home safe. Don't risk an electrical fire.

Trust Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling to keep your AC running

As you surely understand by this point, there's plenty of potential reasons why your central air isn't turning on. What's important is knowing who to call when your AC issues arise - Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling. Don't hesitate to reach out! We're always happy to help, and we're prepared to handle any issues you have with your air conditioning unit.

Call us now at 330-262-4100 or request service online to schedule air conditioning repair today!


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